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Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014: New Edition Rants and Raves

In the spring of 2014, a new expanded edition of the book, Let's Talk About Love: Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste, was issued by Bloomsbury, with a new afterword by Carl Wilson and 13 essays by other writers. Here is some of the press coverage for the new edition.

A very fine review by Ian Crouch for The New Yorker. (May 8/14)
Tom Shone reviews in The Guardian: "Why do we feel the need to apologize for mainstream tastes?"(May 10/14)
Review by Drew Nelles in The Globe and Mail. (April 11/14)
Review by Kurt Gottschalk for The Brooklyn Rail. (March 4/14)
"Experiments in taste": Elias Leight reviews LTAL for LARB, the Los Angeles Review of Books. (May 1/14)
"An astute exploration of why we like the silly things that we do," a review by Aishwarya Subramanian in the Sunday Guardian from New Delhi. (May 11/14)
Vish Khanna discusses LTAL on CBC's The Next Chapter. (April 28/14)

Interviews, etc.
"Why We Fight About Pop Music": An extended dialogue between Carl Wilson and Ann Powers on the NPR Music website. (April 15/14)
I discuss the book with the sharpies of the Slate Culture Gabfest at a live podcast taping at the Blue Metropolitan literary festival in Montreal. (May 7/14)
I am interviewed by the cosmopolites at the Monocle Weekly radio show. (May 11/14)
An interview by Ryan Dombal in Pitchfork. (May 6/14)
An interview with Aviel Kanter for Bookforum. (April 23/14)
An interview with Max Mertens for VICE. (April 17/14)
An interview with Jillian Mapes of Flavorwire. (April 9/14)
Vish Khanna interviews Sean Michaels and Carl Wilson on the eve of their tandem book launch in Toronto. (April 8/14)
Interview with Music Tomes website. (March 24/14)
Interview in The Listener, New Zealand (April 3/14) (paywall). 

Slate excerpts Mary Gaitskill's essay "The Easiest Thing to Forget" from the new edition. (April 23/14)
The Financial Times publishes an excerpt from the new Afterword. (May 5/14)
Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club challenges fans to a LTAL-inspired exercise in taste-expansion in Chart Attack. (Mar. 26/14)
Tom Ewing refers to LTAL in the "My Heart Will Go On" entry of his ongoing series "Popular." (Feb. 21/14)
A reference by Tom Shone in the New Statesman as part of a review of Peter Ackroyd's biography of Charlie Chaplin. (May 8/14)

Older things I hadn't gotten around to putting up
Nick Hornby reviews LTAL in his column for The Believer, reprinted in his book More Baths Less Talking and excerpted here on the McSweenys website. (Feb, 2011)
"Let's Talk About Taste": Philip Nel discusses LTAL on his blog, "Nine Kinds of Pie." (June 22/12)
A review from the Literary Omnivore website. (Oct, 2013)